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We started Autosleek in 2011 to write about some of the world’s best luxury and performance vehicles. The automotive review market is saturated enough already with the same mundane stuff – we want to bring you a more personalised view of some of the world’s best cars, with a distinctly Australian slant. We don’t publish content for the sake of it, but rather because we are proud of it, and because in our view it’s actually worth your time.

Adrien Savares


Adrien is French-Australian, but that doesn’t mean he has any affinity for French cars (particularly not for Peugeot, as they are mostly awful vehicles). Given an imaginary $500,000 he would buy an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, in arctic white. You read that right: he’d blow everything on the one car. The thinking man would probably spend $375,000 on a DB9 and then a further $125,000 on, say, a Porsche Macan. But no, not Adrien. He currently drives a 2007 Audi S8, although when you have that much finance on a used car I’m not sure if it’s really correct to say he ‘owns’ it per se. Perhaps ‘on the verge of repossession at any moment’ is more appropriate.

Tom O’Harte


Tom has been known to smile in the past, but just apparently not in this photograph. Tom is reasonably fair and balanced and has a fine taste when it comes to cars, although don’t engage him on the subject of Aston Martin. They apparently cannot be beaten, they are God’s gift to humanity, they are the earthly embodiment of heaven etc… one gets tired of listening to his endless crap. Also, Aston Martin don’t have a press office in Australia so, you know, he will never actually drive one. Given $500,000 Tom would presumably buy 8 Volkswagen Golf R’s, 8 drivers and a set of miniaturised flags, and travel in one large ostentatious convoy in phalanx formation (subtlety is not his biggest priority). Perhaps predictably, Tom currently drives a 2008 Golf R32 which he cannot afford, but bought anyway.

Chuck Lockhart


Chuck heads the classifieds division, which in all honesty means he has the most important job of any of us. As a escapee of the fashion industry, given $500,000 Chuck would most likely invest it in various items of black and/or white clothing (slate or arctic silver is also seasonal) and some Tom Ford loafers.

[Ed. Note: whoever wrote these summaries is getting fired.]