Well, I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one. Lexus’ interpretation of the ‘compact SUV of the future’ was unveiled in Paris earlier today, the Lexus UX Concept. Resembling a cross between a dune-buggy and a date (as in the brown squishy fruit) I honestly can’t think of a city less appropriate to launch a car like this than Paris. The home of haute-couture, fancy cheese and thoroughly crusted-on upper-crusts, I can only imagine that the French collectively recoiled from this garish monstrosity.

So for offending the French and generally cheapening the sanctity of the Paris Motor Show Lexus certainly deserves some credit. Somebody needed to take the French down a peg, and Lexus has stepped up to the plate in a way that is as admirable as it is horrifying.

In terms of the actual car? I can appreciate it as a conversational piece, but Jesus Christ I hope they don’t enter into it into production looking even remotely like that. Unlike the universally lauded Range Rover Evoque that went from concept to production with very little alteration, I can’t imagine the same is likely to happen with the Lexus UX (short for ‘User Experience, just fyi). It looks less like a compact SUV and more like some kind of amphibious vehicle one would use to launch a beach assault, only that I don’t think Marines generally paint their UAVs eggplant-purple. I can definitely appreciate that the UX is cool in a butch, Mercedes GLC-esque way, but when Lexus inevitably installs a four-cylinder diesel and cup holders in this thing it’ll realistically be a glorified golf cart with very silly wheels.

Fun bit of trivia for you though, the press images were taken in Melbourne. The Eureka tower is visible in the background, as is the wireframe atop of the National Gallery of Victoria. I only took an interest in the background cityscape so as to avoid looking at the UX Concept for too long, as I find that it physically hurts my eyes to look at.

So reader straw-poll: Would you buy it?


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